Texturing artifacts when importing a model in Unreal 4


I have this issue when I import a house in Unreal 4 created with Reality Creation:

In Meshlab the same mesh looks fine:

This house is as big as a chair. My suspicion is that the very small scale causes these artifacts in Unreal 4. It looks like some precision loss.
I tried to scale the house in Blender but it did not solved the artifacts visible in Unreal 4. I also tried to scale it when exporting from Reality Capture. Still not solved.
Strange is that in Meshlab the same models looks just fine.
Could it be an import setting of Unreal ?

Any tip is appreciated.

Thank you !

It’s a smoothing issue, looks like there aren’t any smoothing groups

You think this is also a smoothing issue ?

That looks like a tessellation/subdivision issue. What are you doing with your material, can you post that? Or try a flat color on the mesh.

I am not doing anything at all with the material. I only import the model created with Reality Capture. The same model looks just fine in Unity.


There might be something to do with UV precision on import, if the object is out of scale then it could be simplifying values. But it’s definitely also missing smoothing as well.

That’s the first thing I thought about myself - precision loss at import of obj models. In Unity the same models look OK. Is there something wrong with the obj importers of Unreal ?
The same models in the fbx format look better, but still not perfect.