Alright so I got two questions.

My first question is does Unreal Engine 4 support falloff textures from 3ds max, everytime I import it, I just get a black material like so.

My second question is how do you import a bump map into the engine, in looks so good in 3ds max but in unreal it looks flat and not bumpy.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I dont use max so not sure what a falloff texture is.
As far as the bump goes, you want to use normal maps, not bumps.

Most material features don’t export to other programs, for UE4 only the most simple features work. You have to use Standard material and use basic texture maps.

Instead of Falloff you would make a material with a Fresnel node

I haven’t ever been able to get 3ds Max to export “rich” materials to fbx :frowning:
You have to use the Standard and multi/sub materials, and even there, only some material slots work.
Then, when you import the textures and meshes into Unreal, you have to create custom materials in the Unreal material editor to match your intention, and assign those to your meshes.
The good news is: The Unreal material system is very flexible and powerful, and can do what you want.
The bad news is: You have to be close to a RenderMan shader engineer to actually understand what all the nodes do and how they relate to the look you want.

shaders in 3dsMax won’t work in UE4 by exporting your mesh through FBX. You would have to recreate the look/functionality of your material in UE4 using the material editor.

if you create/program your own HLSL shader for 3dsMax, you can technically get that over into UE4.