Textures appear black when sRGB is selected (4.18.3, Linux, opengl3)

Hello everyone,

I’ve got an issue with texture rendering.
As soon as sRGB is checked on in the details panel, the texture becomes completely black everywhere (tile preview, viewport in the texture editor, materials using it etc.). This happens even if the texture was originally created with sRGB color profile. When off, the textures returns visible.
This seems not related to any scene setting or design, since the issue becomes evident in the content browser too.
I’ve read on official documentation that the sRGB option only performs some gamma corrections, so it shouldn’t have this effect at all even on single channel textures.
Has anyone else experienced this same issue?

I’m running UE 4.18.3 built from source on Linux Mint and Intel HD graphics (openGL3 / SM4.0).
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.