Texture White Line Problem

Hey :slightly_smiling_face:

So I’m making some custom HUD elements and I was trying to make a detection indicator with some custom textures I made. The problem arises when I try move the opacity mask to the side, this white line shows up out of nowhere (on the left side of the preview screen).

So the opacity mask should move to reveal the detection indicator. The line is not a part of the texture I made, it should be just nothing. I have the “sampler source” set to “shared: clamp” and I thought that should keep the texture clamped to the correct area. I have no freaking idea what is causing this stupid white line. Pls help?

(In the picture I have the opacity mask panned 50% to the right)

Okay, if you have the same problem, make sure that there is like at least one pixel of empty space on the side of the texture. It will wrap even a single pixel if it is on the edge of the image and that causes the lines.