Texture used on compute shader not fully loaded


I did a compute shader that basically copies a Texture2D to a custom texture I did, but it turns out it does not work when the Texture2D is just recently loaded from the asset (UTexture), it seems the Resource is foul and the TextureRHI reference is just the texture checker, so I am copying a useless checker texture, how can I make sure the Texture2D is fully loaded with the resource before calling my compute shader?

Help me pretty please

found a partial answer, calling UpdateResource() from the texture, force to load the real texture, but only the low mipmap, so now I am copying a ugly resolution texture

EDIT: checking the TextureEditorToolkit they are using:
FTextureCompilingManager::Get().FinishCompilation({Texture}); but it has the same effect of calling UpdateResource(), just the lowest mipmap is loaded

Ok I got it this time, here is the answer for those hungry for wisdom

Calling TemporarliyDisabledStreaming() from a Texture2D finally forces to load the mipmap 0 and guarantees the right reading on my compute shader.