Texture Sizing

Hey guys,

I create my models in Blender. Create a UV map off that model. Export UV to GIMP. Design model skin. Import it back into Blender. It works fine.
If relevant, the models for a project I’m looking to start are low poly, Most enemies are 700 polygons Player will be at most 1500 polygons.

Will I be able to port my Blender model and matching texture directly to UE without difficulties? It should be said that there is only one UV layout and one matching texture
that covers the entire model. Are there restrictions on size. I.E, Unity, I think,
demands you make your textures congruent to the power of 2 ( 64 x 64, 256 x 256, etc). My current texture maps are at 320 x 320 but I can scale up/down without much difficulty.


Totally random question some of you might be able to answer: Is UE4 over kill for low poly work?

I just need basic physics and animation support in my game. I know U.E is rich in features, and I don’t want
the game to be burdened with features which it doesn’t need…or is there a way to decide what to include or not.

Hopefully, that makes some sense.