Texture Scaling

I have this texture, size 512x512 and in the UMG UI it is drawn with something like 64x64 size.

The original texture in 64x64 exported in photoshop looks like this:


In the game with disabled mipmaps it looks like this:


With enabled “SimpleAverage” mipmaps it looks like this in game:


With “Sharpen10” mipmaps it looks like this:


I have tried every possible mipmap setting, and they are all ugly, compared to the 64x64 texture exported from photoshop.
Compression is set to UI and Texture Group is also set to UI for the texture,

The texture changes it size on the UI (smoothly), so I can’t just export and import it as 64x64. What am I doing wrong, how can I make it look good?

Hello everybody,
i have the same problem. I imported a big sized image an tried to scaled it down. But it look really horrible.

I dont know which settings i have to change, that it looks nice and smooth but not blurred.
Is there anybody who has a solution for that issue?