Texture replacement on press of button

Hello everyone!

im new to unreal and fairly new to game engines in general and i have a question that i am hoping you guys will know the answer to.

I have an arhitectural design, a flat lets say and i would like to create a (widget?) blueprint which would allow me to change materials of objects. I dont want this function to be bounded on a specific object but rather on a specific material. I have many objects with the same material (wood dark), like closets, chairs, walls etc and i would like to have them all changed into a different material (wood light) in one press of a button. So rather then having a function on individual objects i would rather have on the ui button 1 that would change all objects with material x to material y and so on.

I hope it was understood enough and hope i you guys can provide me with the ansewr.

PS if this thread was opened already i apologize, i dont know the terminology in unreal yet and i dont realy know how to look for what i need on the forums.

Thank you in advance

In very crude terms, I think it would be some sorta of Array containing the desired materials, and an Int Variable that select the material from the Array Index.

But since I didn’t get to that part yet, I recommend you to download the Content Example from the Learn tab, it contains a map with example of sphere objects that change material by interacting at them.