Texture Problem

Ok so i just created a character in zbrush and i polypainted and all of that. Then i made a GUV UV map and a texture map i put all of those into 3ds max but now for some reason the textures are messed up and i do not know what went wrong. Im not sure if zbrush mess up the uv’s or if it was something i did wrong but it looks like some parts are pushed out and cut away. Ill attach a image for you to see. can someone please help me figure out what happened.


Does anyone know what went wrong?

How are you importing the mesh and texture files?

Zbrush exports their UV’s backwards for some reason from experience. Thats why I use XNormal to bake all those out. Try flipping the texture, if that seems to be the problem.

check the UVs relative to the texture map

I forgot to mention that i had already flipped the textures vertically

the Uv lines are in the same places that the texture is cut.

I still have not been able to sort this out.

You can get more help on this at Polycount or ZbrushCentral forums.(i’m not trying to send you away, btw, just making suggestions to speed things up for you!)

Are these black lines on the textures itself? Or only show up when applied to the model? Its hard to determine the issue without seeing your uv layout and texture.

Ok here is the Texture and Uvs





Ok so i have done everything i could think of i flipped the textures every way i could,I tried to redo them and i also tryed a few other ways to export them but they all look the same can someone please help.

Your UV map is messed up. You need to make proper UV’s for it. Zrush is quite capable of making UV layouts for organic models, just make sure you define seams properly.

Yep, you’re going to have to uv and then rebake the textures. Make sure to create the seams in areas where it won’t be as noticeable. You’re most likely going to want to split up each island based on body parts: Head, torso, arms, hands, upper leg, lower leg, feet. I’m not sure how much of the detail on your model is asymmetrical, your torso clearly is so you’re going to want to make sure the entire torso is 1 unique UV, not overlapping. If your arms/legs are symmetrical you can have those overlapping, which will save space and allow for greater detail at lower overall texture size. If they are symmetrical, split the model in half and UV the one side, once done mirror it in the correct axis and UV the torso as a whole. Good luck.

Hugely messed up UV’s indeed. Still, if they are not overlapping it should still work.
I had a similair problem with a mesh that was mapped correctly. I found a tickbox for using “FUll Precision UV’s” in the mesh detail. This solved the seam problem for me.

Ok Well i had zbrush my make uvs for me so should i just do it myself next time?

If you paint in some seams zbrush should be able to make a very nice UV map. Google for some tutorials on “Zbrush UVmaster”.