Texture Path Not Found

This is possibly a repeat of a previous post.


The workflow I am using is similar to a Raspberry Pi one but with a DSLR rig, that is, I am creating 2 data sets based on the same imagery.

I am generating 2 different textures from a single RAW file in Adobe Batch:

  1. a flattened look to provide maximum detail for mesh creation (data set 1) and
  2. the original exposure (data set 2) for texture.

Both data sets are exported as 16-bit tif.

Import data set 1 into RC
RC prompts to make 8-bit .base.jpg files for mesh creation.

I build the mesh from data set 1 - looks good.
No texture creation at this stage.
I quit RC.
I place the .base.jpg files into data set 2.

Relaunch RC.
RC prompts to find .base.jpg files.
All good - the mesh is present.

When I attempt to build the texture, it results in a Path not found at then end of processing.

All files have consistent naming.

Any Clues on a work around?:slight_smile:

Solution found.  Instead of moving .base.jpg into data set 2, you have to move texture in to data set 1!


At first, for meshing you do not need 16bit images. You can easily use 8bit.
Next for current builds use this naming pattern:
RC will automatically treat this images as a layers.
Base (meshing) and texture layers.
(Btw, texture layers can be up to 1000)