texture/material seems skewed or something..

hey all -

not sure what’s going on here. using build 4.10.04

i’ve got a window frames - that’s been ‘autoflattened’ in 3ds max - both channels, with respect to lightmap on channel 2.

i’ve double checked the uv’s - they’re totally legit. the material is simply a color with a roughness and metallic constant. no unique texture - just procedural. however, it gives the impression that there is stretching.

any clue?

thx - jvs

crazy! not a single reply in days… :frowning:

try cranking up the “min lightmap resolution” under build settings. Looks like its padded for the default of 64. If you have your mesh set to 1024 you might as well repack for 1024 spacing to get rid of all that wasted empty space.

still, I honestly would not expect the type of artifact you are seeing from that but it is the only thing I can think of for you to try at the moment. If that doesnt work, can you point out which faces are the interior frame faces in the UV layout? it almost looks like they are corrupt and repeating several times or something.

Also verify that the lightmap coordinate index is correct. You are previewing UV channel 0 but it says there are 2… perhaps it is using UV1 and that one is not setup correctly?

thanks ryan - i’ll take those suggestions for a spin and will report the results thereafter. :smiley: