Texture Issue

Can anyone help me please I’m just about to quiet UE4 because when I upload a character model, it uploads but I get these stretches in the character model can any tell me how to fix it

Can you provide a picture so we can better understand the issue you are experiencing?

Here is the image ac88d269f89cba350a04e6bb98b0ef0d09edf601.jpeg

That’s not a texture issue :wink:
Make sure that you have assigned all vertices to your bones. Otherwise the thing on the picture will happen

yeah seems a weight painting problem

I agree, this seems to be a weighting problem.
If you are using maya for skinning the mesh, there is a skin weight hammer tool which normalizes skin weights to neighboring values for selected vertices. So you should just roughly select all vertices on problematic areas and hammer the weights. That should fix it.

Hi straight shota,

This is a known issue that has been reported with UE-12017. In our test here we found this to be an issue with assets from DAZ studio, but not from Blender, Maya, or Max.

You can follow any updates to the ticket here: FBX import - 4.6.1 OK, 4.7.2 messed up - UE4 AnswerHub

Thank you!


Thank you, very much