Texture Depends On Height

Hello, So not long ago i migrated from Cry engine to Here and so far I’ve been sooooo much happier. anyways i re imported my height map and added my textures to the map and so on, Quarter-way through texturing, i thought of how much easier it would be to texture via Slope and Height… but i cant find any Deep Tutorials on this… like i said im fairly new to this so id need some help x) its a fairly huge map and with Mountain ranges so it would be easy to go back and do small touch ups instead of do the whole Mountains and Planes and then do small stuff…

EDIT- i looked into WorldAlignedBlend. but that didnt end up soo well.

Thanks if you can help me!


nothing??.. anyone? :c

Let me push you into a direction. You can achieve the SLOPE thing with VERTEXNORMALWS node, as for the Height you can experiment with ABSOLUTE WORLD POSITION. (Have a look at the SOLUS example and the videos)

The racing game demo has a good landscape material setup have a look at it!

Check out this tutorial which covers exactly what you are looking for: blending terrain textures based on slope and based on height (the tutorial was done with solid colors instead of textures but you get the idea).