texture change event by clicking

hi all ,

please i would like to know if its possible to make change texture to an object by using a click trigger or something like that ! thks a lot

yes, it’s doable. If you check Blueprint_HUD example, you can see how to drive a parameter of a material with variables.
And in blueprint communication, there is a rocket example that changes color, and one that sets wood material to wet or on fire.
Download ContentExamples from market place and you will see them.

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thks very much for your answer ! do you think i can find a tutorial im realyu newish with blueprint . thanks very much

i manage to make change Material for an object in LevelBlueprint but impossible to get same result with custom blueprint 5628045e4db4c550e82e93f2edfeb76f107af1dc.jpeg

please some help would be nice ^^ thanks