text wrap for 'Output Log'

Would like to suggest that ‘text wrap’ be added to the ‘Output Log’ for easier reading.

I’m pretty sure that the output log is pretty good as it is. You can make it only show errors for example. There is a little “filters” button, where you can hide anything you don’t need showing.

I would have to disagree. It routinely outputs gigantic long messages that require an ultra-wide screen to see. Yes it does work, but even ‘Notepad’ offers a text-wrap option for better readability.

I am very glad that ‘Output Log’ has color coding, but I think it would benefit us all if it had a few more readability enhancements.

Done in Cheers,

Ooh no! :eek: I totally agree with the textwrap option… I misunderstood… :eek: I really thought you meant → +] -] buttons for collapsing / un-collapsing each message. Oops! :stuck_out_tongue:

Reading your post again… I really cant see how it’s possible to misunderstand something so obvious.