Text readability in Blueprint became A LOT worse

There was some changes made in 4.24 to text rendering and it made blueprint unusable for me, because I use 0.84 scale in widget reflector for the editor (my scaling in windows is 175% on 1080p, cause that’s easy on the eyes).

Zoom level -3 looks good and crisp, but it’s too zoomed in, and zoom level -4 is already hard to read. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The image on imgur got really compressed so it’s hard to see exactly what you’re talking about; just fyi.

I’m guessing the font resolution was nuked so that blueprints can render faster. I’m pretty sloppy on the first iteration and the blueprint window ends up with a low framerate (5 fps) when I zoom out and pan. But it’s been a lot smoother lately and maybe 4.24 is why. (gtx 1080)

That is great, but I would like to have some compromise between what I had before (readable text) and good performance. Maybe having more gradual zoom levels (as an option), or just flat out switch to go back to previous text rendering.

4.24 upgraded FreeType from 2.6 to 2.10, and with it came a change to the FreeType hinter. FreeType still provide their old hinter (for now), and you can enable it in UE4 by setting the CVar Slate.EnableLegacyFontHinting to 1.

Yes, I’ve reported this back in December. This happens on certain zoom levels only. Here’s the comparison image that I’ve attached to my bug report: Font stretch, 4.23 (left) vs 4.24 (right), zoomed out - Album on Imgur
At maximum zoom it’s fine. The font slightly stretches depending on current zoom level, e.g. after you zoom out.