Text input from Blueprint

I would like a Blueprint node that captures all keyboard input from the user.

Right now, you can’t really take text input from the player in Blueprint. So inputting a name for example is a hassle to make happen.

Could we get a node/event that captures all key presses?

I think the best solutions will come from using UMG, but that is a ways off and may not solve all problems.

I’ve had a get any key input binding task sitting on my backlog for a long time which I think it could be used to more or less accomplish what you’re asking for here. I may see about spending a few hours some time before 4.3 and see if I can wire such a thing up, but no promises :slight_smile:

That would be outstanding!

This would be extremely useful! Fingers crossed this makes it into 4.3

That would be awesome indeed! I’m trying to incorporate text input in my game.
I’m leaning towards learning how to do it in c++ but if you could do it in blueprints that would be great!