Text box ban bad word

i have made a editable multi line textbox in widget when i send the data we can write anything inside but i want to ban bad word with a list of bad word i have made how can we do that thank you

Seems futile without the resources of Silicon Valley AI pros tbh. As gamers will always find a way to beat the system whatever safeguards you put in place. That said, there are always poor man solutions… So what can you do for now? Approach this defensively, and make a list of acceptable words / names. Then match against that. So, only permit entries that are on that approved list (about 100-500k samples should do it). About to ask for that list next? Sorry < 10 posts won’t cut it dude! But you can always extract samples from crossword puzzles. :wink:

this is what i made so far… it work when only the specific word is found (ex: poop) but when i write all the bad word list, it dont work since we need to write all the list to activate the branch… is there any way to make something out of the list ?