TexCoord[1] doesn't work, it has bug

I’m using Unreal Engine 4.22.

Let me explain the bug
When I import FBX from Blender and I use the TexCoord[1] then the result is wrong like a bug, I checked if the bug is in the FBX but the FBX doesn’t have bug because I reimpored the FBX in Blender and no problem.

Why is this baking in Blender so important, why not bake (or build lighting) in Unreal Engine?
Because people say that you cannot build lighting on specific selected objects in Unreal Engine 4 yet, it’s still a feature request. But there are many trees outside the building and it takes very very long time to bake, it’s impossible. So I decided to bake the interior lighting in Blender, and it even has 1024 samples on the bake rendering, and there are noises then I blurred in Photoshop then I photoshopped the seams artifacts, I want to say that it’s almost impossible to bake in Blender, then it should be more impossible to bake in UE4 with those trees.

Unreal usually uses UV1 as the Lightmap Channel. you can change this by going into your static mesh asset and change the Lightmap Channel to 2 or any other number

Thanks you so much, I thought it was a bug then I reported it as feedback. But next time when I create another building then I’ll use the channel 2 for the lightmap so I can use the channel 1 for the custom UVs.

You can use any UV Channel for Custom UVs or Lightmap UVs

Thank you.