TexCoord 1:1 as sample?

Hey folks,

I’ve been struggling to make a texture appears 1:1 as the applied surface (I realize if there’s no match in the sizes it will be either distortion or uncovered place)

How one should calculate the pixels and the ratio with the covered surface?

Also, for avoiding making a new topic, someone knows how I can make it into cloth using the apex? I saw the documentation about it was unclear for me. Do I need to convert the obj into .apx or something?

Help really appreciated =)


For APEX cloth you’ll want to use either 3Ds Max/Maya plugin for available via Developer.Nvidia.com (sign up for their free account to download). You can also use the standalone tool that is include with the SDK.

NVIDIAs tutorial videos can be seen here: https://developer.nvidia.com/apex-clothing-3dsmax-tutorials

When you create the cloth you’ll assign a APEX clothing modifier (in Max or Maya), make sure that you apply a default material. When you are happy with your cloth simulation export the FBX for the rigged cloth. Then export the apb file for the cloth. When you import into UE4 only open the FBX file. This will be recognized as a skeletal mesh. Go to Persona to see the skeletal mesh. You’ll see the option in the right hand panel to import a APB clothing file. Import that and then assign the clothing to the material that slot.

If you have any questions or anything seems vague in my description please let me know and I’ll gladly help. :slight_smile:


Hey @Tim,

Thanks a lot for the reply, that covers everything I’ve missed. I had the idea it’s more independent. Sadly I’m unfamiliar with eitehr Maya or 3Ds MAX, but just googled the apex standalone, and made a registration (I think I need to be confirmed from someone before I can actually download anything)

So with that standalone SDK I can avoid using Maya or Max? (These software quite frightens me)

Get the APEX SDK then open to this file path: APEX SDK > bin > vc10win32-PhysX_3.3 > CloothingToolPROFILE.exe

GeoDav has a video where he uses this standalone tool. You can check that out here: Blender UE4 Cloth - YouTube

I’ve not really used this tool, although I do have a shortcut to it on my desktop. I typically use Max since I’ve got to the PhysX plugin installed.

Feel free to ask any questions if you get stuck with it. I don’t mind taking a look and offering some advice/tips.


Thank you so much for being so useful, I’ve been approved just from nVidia and will start working with it! T