Testing population and spawning changes

I have been dissatisfied with the relative dino populations (predator to prey, etc.), so I have been messing with the numbers while I make other changes in my mod.

I’m hoping to get some clarity on the meaning of a few variables and if there are others to help track and govern dino populations.

What are:

Entry Weight (in NPCSpawn Entries)

  • Is it weighted against all other entries in a spawner and a percentage of using that particular entry is determined from there?
  • What if it is chosen but the Max Percentage of Desired Num to Allow has been met or exceeded? Will it try again for another?

NPCs to Spawn Percentage Chance (in NPCSpawn Entries)

  • Is each item determined to spawn separately or will say items 3-5 be ignored if item 2 comes up false and doesn’t spawn, thereby canceling the successive check?

Max Percentage of Desired Num to Allow (in NPCSpawn Limits)

  • What is the ‘desired number’ and where do I find it?
  • Exactly how is it limited within the spawning system? Will an entry be temporarily disabled from spawning while the dino’s population exceeds the listed value?
  • Since the values in this list don’t seem to need to reflect a 100% total, what happens to the remaining or overloaded percentage when determining spawns?

Finally,** is there a way to track dino population and/or spawning?
I’d like to do a bit more than just ballpark whether the mod is working. If it is spawning at the correct rates, but predators are nomming the prey too quickly, then I’d hardly be able to tell- though I could accommodate by ramping up herbivores even more.

Thank you for any assistance!