Test Unreal Engine 4 in an Apple Store?

Let’s say one is interested in buying a Macbook Pro 13", but is curious to know how UE4 performs on such machine. Is one allowed to show up in an Apple Store(or authorized retailer) and ask to install UE4 just to try it out and see if it runs smoothly enough in order to consider purchasing such machine? Of course, if one is not satisfied, would uninstall UE4 from the machine before leaving the store. Would such approach breach the EULA?

You can compare to other PC’s with that type of hardware, needless to say on Intel HD4000 the performance will not be very good.

It’s Iris actually, but not sure if it makes any difference :stuck_out_tongue:

:D, so you think that the Apple store would allow you to install software just to test their machine :slight_smile: - not in a million years.
Even if it’s not covered by the EULA, I doubt Epic would be happy about it, but you should contact the relevant licensing department, as this is just a forum for users and Epic devs, not the legal department.

Oh yeah, Macbook’s are terrible too :slight_smile:

Aha, thanks for the tip :slight_smile: I honestly like them, but I want a usable machine too :stuck_out_tongue: