tessellation is not smooth

Hi guys!
i’m having trouble with tessellation, it looks like this (like triangulated spines) no matter what i change in the settings

I’m using Brushify and i have done it before with great results but this one i’m not understanding why the tessellated geometry is not smooth.
The material is created with Quixel mixer so the height map is ok (displacement)

i have increased the near tessellation as much as possible but if i increase it to much then the tessellation (also have to decrease the height) will have strange results, so this is my setup for the result as shown above

I wonder if is related to the texture or am i missing something?


Hey, it looks like your texture detail is too small for the amount of polygons/tessellation. You could tile the detail texture less, or you could try to have larger details in the texture.
Like this:

Quixel provide huge texture maps so resolution shouldn’t be an issue here.