Tessellated interiors

Here is a question - I’d like to make some interiors and use tessellation on the materials but when I use it on a section of the wall, it deforms so that the holes between the sections appear. There was a thread with a similar problem, but I just can’t find it anymore. How do I need to prepare my interior sections so that they could work correctly in-game with tessellation option turned on and off?

Have you enabled “Crack free displacement” in the material under the tessellation tab :slight_smile:

Yes they are enabled on both sections. Two sections, two objects, two textures with tessellation.
Here is a picture

Although there are no holes here, these two sections have to connect to each other properly, not intersect.

Won’t be possible unless you make it one object using one UV island around the corner or giving the heightmap a 128 grey value (or 0 as in completely black?) at the edges which defeats the purpose of tessellation.
You could also enlarge your assets to overlap one another. Generally speaking you probably don’t want to use tesselation on your main geometry but have something simpler behind it to make sure there’s no holes.