Tesselation issues

Hello everyone,
I’m new at this forum so I hope that it is the right section and I’m not violating any rule.

I’m trying to create some tesselated materials but when I place them problems occurs:

Here are used nodes, made following unreal engine’s documents:

I’d like to know why materials are so ugly when placed on an object and if there is any method to create tessellated materials.

Hi there dragon, i am not too well versed with tesselation but from what i do know is that the mesh that you are trying to tesselate will need to have more geometry (Add polys) than what i think that cube will have.

Because tesselation needs more geometry to base the tesselation off of, hense why you are just seeing it cracked at the sides because this is the only geometry that it can find.

Eg. You will want to take the cube or whatever mesh for that matter into a 3D application of your choice and subdivide the mesh or add geometry manually.

Hope this helps!

Try checking on the crack free displacement under the left hand panel for the material. There is a section for tessellation there.

Hi all,
I didn’t know that I had to subdivide the mesh…I’ll do that and see if it works.
I’ll also check the crack free displacement and I hope that I’ll get good results.
I’ll try as soon as possibile.
Thanks for the tips.

Hi all,
I tried to subdivide the object but when I applied the material happened this:

On the right there is the tessellated material on an unreal’s cube, on the left the same material on the subdivided wall(when I look at the wall unreal lags a bit).
I also checked the crack free displacement and the result was quite better: I didn’t have anymore holes in the mesh (that’s on the cube on the right side in the image).

Looking on the Internet I found another method that seems to give good results: the Parallax Occlusion Mapping .
I’d like to know if it leads any disadvantage or advantage rather than using tessellation.
Thanks for your patience.

Mostly, POM is expensive if you jack the step count up too high. You have to strike a balance between quality/performance.

So should I use both methods to have nice quality with nice perormance?