Tesselation decrease


i was following this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1MRDXUWID4
At minute 10 he is showing how his tessellation works. I build up the same and mine works the same i guess but my poly count before adding tessellation was quite high. Is there anything i had to adjust for my landscape ?

Screenshot without Tesselation:
At default there also is some tesselation decrease in background so i probably can adjust this anywhere ?


Screenshot with Tessellation:


Node setup:


I want to decrease the tessellation in the background as it isnt needed to.


Uhm, whats the problem?
Your landscape isn’t tessellated in the distance, it is your default Landscape.
You can adjust how fast LODs kick in in your LandscapeActor Details. There’s a LOD setting.

My default landscape has in far less polys as in close distance. but i want to decrease my default landscape tessellation and have just in front of my camera much polys. In the video i linked the guy has just a few polys in far distance which i also would like to have.

As I said, there’s a LOD Panel in your Landscape.

You have fiddle around with your settings and your material’s Tessellation here

Oh. So obvious.

Thank you!