Terrain material troubles

First niggle; I can’t seem to get an additional layer (moss) to appear under the landscape paint tab.

Second niggle; the ‘dirt’ layer that I have needs to change from this yellow-ish colour to the grey that I changed the base texture to, but it refuses to change even as it appears in the landscape material (EXCEPT the target layers section in the paint tab, it still appears yellow-ish there)

  1. choose another name for the layer. Atm it’s called dirt ^^
  2. probably it helps when you disable specularity -> connect a constant vector with a value of 0 to the specular link :slight_smile: + make sure that you use a strenght of 1 when you paint

Oh my gosh the first one fixed both problems, I now feel dumb. Makes logical sense; UE4 has a fit trying to sort out the layers and tries to compromise by merging them or something.