Terrain & material problems

I have no issues with any other editor(s),games or anything else,so to make this more clear and to get ideas if its corrupt project files ( and fix if possible) or bad changes from 4.22 on > .
This image is from Material editor, rock sand on terrain and the LIGHTER [ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“medium”,“data-tempid”:“temp_180980_1578770387005_480”}[/ATTACH]
​ icon in details panel from 4.23 & 4 actually.

This one looking from 4.22 , and as it should look:

Next one is of terrain with weird blotches in 4.23& 4.24:


Terrain in 4.22 loooking accurate,same material rock_sandstone :


Next is Material Edit view,where in 4.22 view of Rock sandstone , looks right on left material view window , and node view on right is correct showing the small pics of the terrain material as it should( has this changed in 4.23 & 4.24.1 etc.?) :


This of Burnished steel looking as it should as well


Next is of Rock_sandstone not looking at all right in 4.23 and 4.24.1 in Node View ( again, unless this was some odd change,seems unlikely!) :


Likewise, burnished steel simiarly missing image represetations in node view, and same as one above, the material in game or editor view looking as if its missing certain refraction components or such.

​ Here, the material viewport on left shows no material at all, and again on right, no representation of material in nodes.

Are these buts or expected behavior from supposed changes ? I’m just hoping to fix to avoid losing changes I’d have to do over in 4.22 .

Thx anyone


Well that’s great, I clearly had them uploaded via upload attachments, then today I look, and gone. Whats going on here ?0-0 Still have problem with that feature as was going on a few years ago, or is there browser dependent ? Try my best to fix but its going to take time obviously!