Terrain in 4.25 is black after lighting build.

As the description says after waiting like 4 hours for my terrain to build lighting it turned BLACK
and i can’t seem to get it to fix.

I have a directional light (default settings except its at 15 lux)
and a skylight set to default with intensity of 2
and this is what i get after building lights.
This is a streaming levels world with 64 streaming terrains.
however still getting this issue on even smaller terrain made inside ue4 after building lights.
my scalability is set to EPIC but same happens in any setting except low shadows but there is no shadows at all.
this issue started after purchasing and adding a Urban buildings pack on the marketplace…
i removed the pack and Still same results…

I need help please. I will not lose 2 years working on this game for some BAD market place asset.

here is it with setting at UNLIT

and here it is same scene with it set to LIT