Terrain creating in anoder 3D aplication

…my have a litle , may be stupid question-are any converting mesh created as terrain in Blender, or in from another aplication and dropped to inside UE 4 as Landscape mesh?For exemple-i took terrain from Stalker bild and gonna made a MOD from this Game…so-terrain-is huge-exemple -zaton) or it onle will as mesh with collision? thanks for answer anybody) belou image from screen)…when terr in Engine-im will wont to improve, change a litle…or more geometry)

You just have to render a heightmap (raw16) from your mesh - open the landscape tool - import the heightmap :slight_smile:

thanks! i know this path,…was a litle think mabe have did hier else anising about this around Landscape tools-)im got this) thanks!