Terrain Collision?

In Blender 3D 2.79b, I used a plugin called “Blender-OSM” to create a city. I imported the city into Unreal Engine 4.22. How can I create collision physics to a 3D mesh used as terrain? the 3D mesh is like a plane formed into terrain. I imported the simple vehicle content into the scene but when I played the game, the car is below the terrain.

Hi Jeff,

I think you’d want to set the terrain collision to use complex collision rather than simple. Here is the documentation on it if you’re interesting in more details: Landscape Collision Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

How can I convert *.hgt file to *.png file so that I can use the file to create landscape in UE?

I’m not sure if you can convert the two files directly (quick google search didn’t turn anything up) but you can create a PNG height map in blender. Create a material in blender that maps to the model’s height with black being the lowest and white being the highest. Here is an example post I found: rendering - How do I colour a 3D terrain based on its height? - Blender Stack Exchange then take an unlit render from a top orthogonal view.