Terrain and other issues

Using 4.13, typical terrain yet on level ‘save’, it disappears, just this engine is doing it, yet if I click on individual terrain tiles, they show up, wth ? ;0-

I used to be able to just choose a object in world outliner then click on terrain and it would show up, but that no longer works.

Also and this isnt a major thing but annoying, the ‘autosave’ window stays onscreen, and even if I click ‘cancel’ it doesn’t go away.

My hardware meets reccommmended, amd phenom II x4 3.2ghz 8 gb ram and GTX 970 OC1 2gb( not overclocking atm)

I also can’t build lighting, as even after a half an hour, it still shows 0%, and thats a non starter so I"m having to rethink what engine I use, especially with all the other issues I’m experiencing.


Anyone ?

I removed everything in folders and cleared cache and revalidated it, yet lighting stilll won’t get past 0% after 10 minutes now, whats going on here ? :wink:

I did this:

Map won't build lighting - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums , but It still won’t get past 0%.