Terminating Physics Bodies on skeletal mesh with attached components leaves components permanently jittering

I have a limb dismemberment system on my skeletal mesh and I have called break constraint on a bone so it flies off and is affected by physics.

I then call hide bone on that same bone and set the option to terminate all child physics bodies. I noticed that any components attached to that bone stay in the world and keep jittering. It looks like it’s trying to repeat its last physics motion over and over right before the underlying body got destroyed. Do be specific, I had attached a static mesh to the blown off limb for the part that looks like its blown off.

I’d expect the attached object to stay in place, or disappear due to the bone it’s attached to being scaled to 0, 0, 0.

Also if I call the “show collision” console command, I can still see the collision spheres of the parts of the mesh that should be destroyed.