Temporarily force load all streaming levels from Command line?

This is going to sound a bit off but I have a unique request and it would be easier to explain my situation and my needs:


  • 1 persistent level
  • 5 streaming levels within
  • Streaming levels are not being loaded by default when persistent level is opened.
  • We initiate automatic lightmap bakes from the command line
  • World composition is enabled


  • Need to initiate a lightmap bake from the command line
  • For these automatic lightmap bakes we need to load all streaming levels within our streaming level

The Problem: Because we initiate lightmap bakes from the command line, when we open up our Persistent map the streaming maps aren’t loaded by default. Meaning when we bake the lights for the Persistent map it is only baking the lights for the empty persistent map, not any of the streaming levels because I don’t know how to do this( from the command line.

So the question is, how do I open up a map from the command line and have all of the streaming levels load within a persistent map that has world composition enabled?