Temporal AA dynamic antighosting (Change 2933805)

Hi! I’ve made a research of recent master branch UE4 build and found this feature:
Change 2933805 on 2016/04/05 by Brian.Karis
Temporal AA dynamic antighosting.
There are changes in the files PostProcessTemporalAA.usf and PostProcessTemporalCommon.usf. It seems there was some work done to fight with taa related ghosting. But I don’t see any difference with 4.11.2. Did I miss something? Maybe antighost feature should be turned on somewhere manually? Or it doesn’t work at all?

It’s in master, not in 4.11.2, and the commit also mentions it just a fix for “DOF”, so it won’t improve the general look of TAA I guess.

I mean - I’ve made a comparison of taa ghosting in UE4 master and UE4.11.2 and found no difference. It wasn’t clear in my previous post, sorry. But maybe you’re right. Also it would be great to hear some feedback from developers.