Template Development for CG/3D Edcuation

my name is Pierre, I’m the headmaster of 3D Akademie in germany, we train 3D/CG Modelling / Animation / VFX for Game and Cinematic Industrie. (
For the students, who prepare to join the Game Industry we would like to create a Template for UE4 so he can easily replace dummy meshes and animations. So the students ar able to place their own projects into in a functional game (for testing, multiplayer would be nice for Students to play togehter with their own stuff, but singleplayer with an easy AI would be enough).

Unfortunately I have to say that our budget is quite small as we are a very small private school with just 20 students.

For easier understanding what exactly we need, we have once selected a list of templates from the UE4 marketplace and Youtube Videos.
We are no programmers, that’s why we can’t tell if it works to Merge the Templates.

Also, we don’t need any individual 3D models or animation from you, (Mixamo Rig is for dummies would be great, so we don’t get any issues with our animation rigs on replacing).

As an example, here is the work of one of our students in character modeling:

My students and I will be happy to hear from you.


For Questions or offers please send us an E-Mail with Price and Delivery Time :slight_smile:
Thanks for your Time :slight_smile:

Hey Kosrona,

Have you checked out Action RPG (ARPG)? If no I would suggest that you check this sample project out. ARPG was built to help educate people from all skill levels on what it takes to make games using Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). However, instead of using a bunch of loosely linked examples to show you how to make a game in UE4, we decided to make and release an entire game. You can get the ARPG sample from the Marketplace tab of the Epic Games launcher.

Store Page:

The only thing that your students will not be able to do with this project is to play the game in multiplayer as the sample was not designed to do this. We also have not plans to implement multiplayer in this sample as it would require a massive re-write of the underlying systems. Many of the systems using ARPG are also fully documented and you can find the docs using the following link.

Document Pages:

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues getting ARPG up and running. If you just want to check the game out you can do so using any of the following links.

HTML5 Version: ActionRPG
Google Play:


Sam Deiter