Teleporting the player within a blueprint. 99% of the way there, just need a little help.


So I have a building mesh in my world that is contained within a blueprint, when the player enters the volume that overlaps the door they are teleported to a second area within the same blueprint, far under the ground, that represents the inside of the building.

Now the entrance and exit volumes for the teleportation are placed as objects within the world scene and the blueprint for teleporting is contained within the level blueprint.

This is the blueprint:

This works fine.


I want the entrance and exit volumes to be contained WITHIN the overall building blueprint, as this blueprint could appear anywhere in a randomly generated world.

My problem is that I can’t get an ‘OnActorBeginOverlap’ node within the building blueprint.

Can someone tell me how I can keep the teleporter entrance and exit contained within the building blueprint?

(I know the OnComponentBeginOverlap is probably the wrong node.)

Many thanks.

Sorry I must say I am not sure to understand, does the building blueprint is the level blueprint? If so, you just have to put a trigger on your teleporter make overlapsebeginm make your event and all inside your level blueprint

Sorry for any confusion.

I want the player, when entering the volume at Point A to teleport to Point B.

However I want this functionality to be within the blueprint these meshes are in rather than in the level blueprint that this blueprint is referenced in.

You could do both and make the exit point a public actor and you just select your teleport actor withing your level and in since its a public actor I think you can see it in the detail and select anything withing the level. So that way the player will teleport in this locationé… I dont know if I make sense…

Sorry I’m still learning things so I’m not super sure what you mean but understand the gist. My main problem with your proposition though, if i’m to understand it, is that the public (scene outliner entity) volume would not be attached to the building_bp so when it is spawned in the world (building_bp) that teleporter entrances and exits would not be in the right locations on the building exterior and interior.

As I mentioned I can get the teleporter working in the level blueprint using an entrance and exit point positioned in the scene outliner, but I need the whole circuit contained in the building_bp.