Teleporting a static mesh help.

I’m trying to make an object rapidly teleport from one place to another to create a glitch like effect, but it’s only teleporting 1 time and then stops. I tried changing delay time, using a different object, teleport check and the only option left i guess is my script is wrong… again… I thought this one was fairly simple, but any feedback on where it’s wrong? Imgur: The magic of the Internet

You need a delay after each teleport…

Something like this is might be better to do in the material with world position offset.

If this is supposed to be visual only glitch, do it in the material as suggested above. If you need it to actually shift position, you can try experimenting with something like this (but nothing should stop you from combining both methods):

This will change actor position (in a box around the player) 10x a second providing you click *and *hold on any world object whose collision Object Type is World Dynamic:…4234d2cebe.mp4

This is crude but it’s hard to suggest something more tangible with so little details.

@OptimisticMonkey @Everynone Thanks those are what I needed! :slight_smile: