Teleportation problems - VR Controls bright in Game

Hi, we are in the process of making an Archviz Scene for a client, where we have a small apartment where we can walk around using HTC Vive, and change materials on wall etc using a VR Toolkit package we bought on the Marketplace. For some reason, our VR teleportation has stopped working, we can now only move a foot each way, versus having full length movement, plus the VR controls are really bright in game mode. We haven’t changed any settings. All the inputs are correct. Everything was working, now nothing is working.

Any suggestions would really help?

Regarding the teleportation issue: it is likely that your Nav Mesh is missing or not working properly. You can try to remove and re-add it.

Regarding the brightness of the VR controls: it may depend on your Post Processing settings. You can try to edit the glowing material, reduce its emissive component and see if it looks better.

Hi, Thanks for the assistance .Our Nav Mesh is on and glows green.
We initially made the project in 1st person Player then migrated to VR project. We have possessed the player pawn to 0, deleted first person controller, we have migrated the project a ton of times. Don’t know what else it could be? The crazy thing is if we start a new project, then the Motion controllers work fine, we can teleport, so it must be something wrong with our original project. Don’t know what settings to change in the original project to make it work.

I had issues in the past with Nav Meshes, even if they looked all green would not work until I rebuilt the geometry. Look under Build → Build Geometry.

Another thing that comes to mind is whether you have imported all the necessary Inputs (Project Settings → Input).

We tried your suggestion but still nothing works. Can’t teleport anywhere, move anywhere. We have all imported all the settings in the input. Strangest thing, we can teleport in every other project except this one. Will keep troubleshooting. We have already uninstalled Ue4 and re-installed, tried everything.

I am sure there is a reason why it doesn’t work. If you would like to share you project to have a look, feel free to PM me.