teleportation problem caused by a dome

Can anyone help me, please?

The teleportation doesn’t work when the dome is placed above the floor.
As the screenshot shown below, the green area is the teleportable area. And on the top of it, I put a dome there as a physical sky:

When I teleport, the arc line of teleportation disappears and the teleportation distance becomes extremely short. (means that the player is unable to move around in the environment)
Here’s a screenshot of what happened:

But normally it’s supposed to be this:

Now the teleportation only works when I remove the dome from the scene. But I really need a sky to be there. Does anyone know why the teleportation doesn’t work when the teleportable area is inside an object? Or is there an alternative to this problem?

BTW, I’m using HTC Vive.
Please help me! I really don’t know what to do…
And thanks in advance!

A genius from the other forum answered my question and it worked.
For people that might have the same problem: Just disable the collision of the dome. :slight_smile: