Teleport to close to wall, no collider on HMD?

We’re working on a project where we successfully teleport the player using a linecast from the motion controller to the first collision, it works but the pawn is so close to the wall or object the using the HMD you end up looking inside the object(Wall). I really just want to ensure the teleport stops like 20cm away from the wall, or put a collision mesh on the pawn that stops it from getting so close, but I just can’t figure out how to ensure I don’t teleport to close the object. I’m pretty new to this so any examples will be really helpful.

We’re using the Vive and it’s motion controllers.

Project it to the navmesh first, it’ll give you a buffer so your head won’t end up in walls after you teleport. Also depending on the navmesh height it’ll probably offset your Z location, you probably want to recalculate the Z location for the final teleport location. Search YouTube for Mitch’s vr lab tutorial videos, he has videos detailing exactly how to do this.