Teleport on keypress with inconsistant result with Overlap Triggerbox?

I’ve been working on a new feature where onkeypress you can switch between 2 characters (walking/flying) and on another keypress set location of character. This is to change location on map(future feature) or go inside a sphere for an 360 image (each image is a seperate sphere).
I’ve succesfully completed this feature but while working on it i’ve encountered inconsistant results when executing multiple commands on overlaptriggerbox. The solution was to put these commands at the keypress function which changes the location. Unfortunatly this adds a lot of double commands

My question is:

  1. Why am I getting inconsistant results with OverlapTriggerbox? Is this a bug?
  2. Currently I’ve got all the scripts in Levelblueprint is this okey or should I transfer as much as possible to Blueprint Actors?
  3. I noticed that teleport gives very weird teleportation hence I use ‘set Actor Location’ what is the use of teleportation.

Here is more detailed info
The working system:

The variable ‘SwitchFunctionAcces’ is to enable disable switching between characters when Tab is pressed.

The not working alternative:
Since all the 360 sphere viewer are in the same triggerbox I thought i’d put the posses character and set the variable ‘SwitchFunctionAcces’.
But when i go from one sphere to a second I can move forward.

I discovered where the inconsistant result occurs with OnActor***Overlap. It seems when you set a new location that is still inside the triggerbox, for somereason it runs the OnActorEndOverlap.

I noticed my current system works allright in normal view but in VR when your changing locations inside the same Triggerbox it runs the EndOverlap and thus allows me to move.