Teleport no keyboard input

After I teleport, my character can’t move. I can move my mouse around, but I’m not falling or anything. I tried setting the destination to 0 0 0, but the same thing happened. (It did teleport to the right location, I just couldn’t move or fall.)

Any tips? Thanks.

Sometimes when teleporting collision boxes get overlapped try adding some height to the destination. maybe start with z=50 or 500 a large number to see if that is the problem.

nope, still doesn’t work

Try doing the same thing in a blank level that has only one stretched out block as the floor. What your describing happened to me and it was collision. I solved it buy teleporting a little higher and disabling gravity, movement, and input until 1-2 seconds after the teleport then reinstating those things. Does your checkpoint have any collision to it?

I’m a ■■■■■■■ dumbass.

In my event tick, I waas teleporting myself to the checkpoint whenever I had 0 health. However, I forgot to make it so that my health goes back to 100 when I die. so I was teleporting back every tick, making it seem like I was stuck in place.

Thanks for the help, lol

Glad you figured it out. keep at it.