Teleport and rotate character ?

I´m trying to teleport and rotate my character. It seems that the z component of “dest rotation” from the teleport node is ignored. x and y works. I guess this is because the hmd has control of the z rotation ? I also tried roating my char with setworldrotation with the same effect.

I´m currently found a workaround by using “add controller yaw input” but there is still something I´m doing wrong. My idea is to take the camera world rotation and feed the negated z axis to a yaw input node. See attached screenshot. (For the moment I just want to rotate the character in it´s current place to 0 degree). I made sure the event is triggered only once and I checked all values with print nodes. The values are all correct. when My character for example is +90 degree to the trigger I get a value of -90 printed. So I would think if I feed this value into a yaw input node and my character would turn to 0 degree. But it doesn´t. It always seems to rotate way to much.

Well, maybe there is a more elegant way to rotate the character to a defined angle. Any help is much appreciated.


I have some interrogation about your test configuration.

Are you in room scale or not ?

Your camera replicate the movement of the HMD ?

For my case when i want to teleport a player in VR configuration i prefer keep the current rotation of current player. That why if you rotate the player directly you risk to disorientate him. :slight_smile:

Set Rotation with keeping your playarea in place. Should also work for standing and seated aswell.


Set Location by moving the actual play area.