Tech Note: Toolchain 14.31.31103 is not compatible with UE5

Tech Note: Toolchain 14.31.31103 is not compatible with UE5

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The 14.31.31103 toolchain that comes with recent versions of VS2022 cannot compile some UE5 targets.

Potential Impact:

[Major]: Any operation that involves compiling the UE5 codebase or your project might fail on an ‘Internal Compiler Error’.


Install a more recent version of the toolchain from the Visual Studio installer or fallback on 14.29.30133 which is referenced as ‘MSVC v142 - VS2019 C++ x64/x86 build tools (v14.29-16.11)’ in the ‘Individual Component’ panel. UBT will automatically pick 14.29 or the most recent version if it’s not present. Make sure to Clean your solution to avoid weird linking issues.

WORKAROUND (4/25/2022):

The development team has found a fix for the case where the error happens in GetTocChunkInfo (File: IOStore.cpp)

2344: const uint64 CompressionBlockSize = TocResource.Header.CompressionBlockSize;
2345:*** int32 FirstBlockIndex = int32(ChunkInfo.Offset / CompressionBlockSize);
2346:*** int32 LastBlockIndex = int32((Align(ChunkInfo.Offset + ChunkInfo.Size, CompressionBlockSize) - 1) / CompressionBlockSize);

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