Team Question

Ok say you have a team working on different places, how do you all work on the engine at the same time? is there a place or service where we can all work ont he same project at once?

You need Source control. Perforce is built into the engine, so I would recommend that.

None of the source contol programs that I could find were in any way intuitive or non-programmer friendly, so expect to be in command line performing actions from the 90’s to get it up and running.

lol, then what do you use with your team?

Perforce. As I said, we searched for better solutions, but unfortunately everyone who makes Source control programs appears to be perfectly happy living on planet Linux.

Perforce has some promising looking new stuff coming out with Helix, but it isn’t quite ready yet.

Assembla seemed to be the best option so that is who we went with for hosting. Once you actually get everything working, things are great. Except every few days I have to restart P4V, and that only works using command line. Sometimes I even have to re-feed it server or config file information manually, in command line.

I believe Epic use perforce, I didn’t really get on with it myself so I opted for SVN, it works great, there is in editor support for this too. Setting up a SVN repository is a breeze. Locally, I use tortoise SVN which can set up a repo in one click. You’ll probably want team members to access the repo over the internet though, so you’ll want to set up a server. If you’d rather pay for a server, Dreamhost offer unlimited SVN repos with their hosting. I got a deal which only cost me £28 for the first year which is a massive bargain and it automatically creates the repo’s too. All that was required was to create accounts for my team members and to enter the repo address in the UE4 browser (I was up and running in minutes).

Git has UIs if you want a better way of visualising it.