TCP socket help


looking at rama’s tcp example and i need some help please.
ive never done anything with tcp and ue4 c++ together so everything is pretty much new to me. the end goal is to send and receive messages to/from libpd. i managed to get it working for android many moons ago but ue4 has just stumped me with this.

so in rama’s example it communicates with python, how and where is ue4 told where to look?
is it this?

StartTCPReceiver("RamaSocketListener", "", 8890))

is the python script called RamaSocketListener or what? and where in the folder structure is it? is this set up in the editor?
so would i just change that to a pd patch name? (test.pd for example)

there are probably more questions but that will be a good start.
a java example of what i want to replicate in ue4 can be found here if anyone is interested. maybe someone already got libpd and ue4 working?

thanks for any help or tips

“RamaSocketListener” is just an arbitrary name for your socket listener. And is the address to which the Python script is supposed to connect. It is also up to you to pick one.

thanks Ian
ive obviously no idea what im doing with this, ill just have to hope someone else gets it working at some point i guess.