Targeted Slo motion

is this possible? slowing down only certain things in UE4 while player or group stays at normal speed here is a good example:

if you seen the movie you know where im headed lol but skip to about 0:50 in the video to skip the extra.

there was a way to achieve this in Unity, and what to know if UE4 has a way or if its possible?

I couldn’t find anything about this matter but the best way for you to go is by taking a look at the animation part of the Unreal Engine through Persona.
As to the targeted part, I’m positive this is achievable, just how are you planning on developing this? Singleplayer or multiplayer?

single player, no multiplayer plans for this project in mind

If you just want to speed up animation you could activate the slow mo mode inside UE4, set it to e.g. 0.1 and then play back the animation at 10x speed. So everything except the animation would be slowmo.

This should work for you (in the example, slows everything but the player character):

Nice! thanks thats something like what i was looking for ill try this out!