TappyChicken similar game but different idea HELP

hello everyone I have been working on my game in base on the tapptychicken blueprint
same User Interface but i want to use the little UFO to go up and do down back and forward (meaning from one side of the screen to the other)
can someone help me or point me to the right direction
thanks in advance

The easiest way to transfer assets from one project to another is to migrate assets.
You can do this by right-clicking on the asset in your content browser and press “migrate” then choose your project’s content folder.

Unreal doc. link on Migrate

The nice part of migrate is that it transfers all the asset dependencies.
ex: if you migrate BP_UFO_Physics it will migrate all meshes, fx, textures etc in they’re appropriate folders too.

Although, I suggest checking out and studying the components and the blueprint of the UFO to see what you actually need.
The UFO has its own movement controls which are unnecessary for your idea.

I skimmed quickly through the tappy chicken project, you’ll have quite a few things to do. I suggest also studying the tappy chicken blueprints in-depth.

So according to what I see I would start with trying to replace the chicken with the UFO. You’ll have to add the UFO as a component to BP_MainGame and find everywhere “Chicken” is and replace that with your UFO. This won’t be as simple as it sounds since there are quite a few references to “Chicken” and I’m not sure what relevancy “MID_Chicken” has so I’d find that out too. The best way to do this is search for Chicken in the blueprint and find everywhere it is being used.

You can search quickly through a blueprint at the bottom-center of the blueprint windows


The best way I learn is by trial and error, the more mistakes I make the more I learn. So don’t be too afraid to break it, if you do just delete the tappy chicken example in your Unreal Projects folder and re-download a fresh version and start over.

thanks man for taking your time and posting this awesome explanation.
yes I’m already in the process of studying the chicken blueprint but I want to know how do I cancel gravity meaning things to go down and float
thanks again.