TappyChicken is not working after Preview 2

I have updated the Engine to Preview 2 and now my game-in-development and Tappy Chicken is not opening on my cellophane anymore… It is packaged OK but when I tap on icon of cell phone it splashes a message: “The TappyChecken stopped” (I’m trying to translate from Portuguese) and it is closed after I press OK.
The odd thing is that the Swing Ninja is launching and packaging as usual…
Please Help!!! I promise I will never more update the engine!

Check in the logs after the game has crashed out, that should give you some idea as to why it has stopped working.

Posting it here might yield some results as well.

Hello pedrodacruz,

The Preview builds are not fully tested, so we do not recommend converting a game to a Preview build unless you are in desperate need of some new feature. Updating a copy is mostly risk-free, but converting the original project could be dangerous. For the time being, I would recommend trying to recreate the project in a stable build, migrating assets back from the updated version and only upgrading to 4.7 after you are sure it is stable.

Problems like these are easier for us to track if you post on the UE4 AnswerHub, so if you have any more issues, feel free to post over there too.


Thank you!
I think its better to restart again…

Despite my promiss I couldn’t resist and I have updated the Engine again and now the Games are working!!! \o/